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Removing Transmission Oil Lines from a Radiator

Removing Transmission Lines on Your Car Radiator

So you thought it would be easy removing the transmission oil lines to change your leaking radiator and save a few dollars! Well, most of the time it is a straight forward job installing a replacement radiator. But at times it can be your worse nightmare.

If you are not sure what type of transmission oil line fittings you have you should ask someone and look up your vehicle online. You need to ask specifically about your vehicle. Your oil lines may be easy to remove but many or not and if yours is one of the hard ones it is no joke. Some of the hardest radiator jobs we did were because of transmission oil lines.

I would like to share some comments from some who have attempted to replace their own radiator. Most DIY people think that transmission lines are simple little lines that should take you about a minute to remove. Most of the time they are, but then there is the following.

Some Comments Regarding Removing Transmission Oil Lines

  • I did not have enough clearance.
  • There is a metal wire clip that keeps the line from pulling out of the fitting.
  • Pull the line out with a little twisting and pulling.
  • I think you need a special tool to unlock the tube from the fitting.
  • I damaged the tube and fitting on the transmission line.
  • It’s a coupling fitting like a quick-disconnect.
  • it is a one-way fitting.
  • I had the wrong replacement radiator, and the trans lines won’t fit.
  • To release the fitting, you need a 3/8 inch line removal tool.
  • Use the 3/8″ tool designed for Chrysler, not Ford.
  • The tool goes to the right of that rusty old fitting.
  • Press the tool onto the fitting to release the fingers.
  • I sent the radiator to the shop.
  • I need a quick release coupler.
  • I have been tapping on it with a small hammer.
  • I cannot get it to budge, I just sprayed some PB blaster on it.
  • There is a spinner nut attached to the radiator itself.
  • To remove the lines, you might have to twist and turn it a little.
  • Pull the tool and hose at the same time.
  • Can I just cut the line?
  • Is this part of the radiator?
  • It seems to have a spring clip.
  • I needed a 3/8 spring clip tool and had broken the clip off, lost somewhere.
  • I think I will cut the trans line and deal with it later.
  • I need better access.
  • I now need to replace the O-rings with that fitting, and that was not fun at all.
  • It is no picnic to get the fitting to let go.
  • I need a bigger hammer.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it? On a final note, please know that most of the time it is not hard to replace a radiator. The hard ones are really hard and that is what you are reading about above. If you’re not sure, check first. Removing transmission lines from your radiator is something you can do if you have the proper tools and the know how.