Do You Need a Radiator repair or a Replacement Radiator?

In some cases a radiator repair is a better choice than a new replacement radiator, but not always. It can be very difficult to decide on your best course of action so we will point out some common radiator leak concerns and some basic radiator repair points for your consideration. We will help you decide if you need a radiator repair replacement radiator.

radiator repair replacement

How to Start

You will need to know exactly what you are dealing with. When you start making calls to radiator repair shops, local garages or on-line stores you will need the following information.




Engine size_____________

Automatic or manual transmission__________

VIN number__________________________________

You may need other information but this will cover the vast majority of vehicles to ID parts. You should also take some time and make sure what is really leaking or what the problem really is. If you can’t tell then you need to get into a repair shop. Don’t buy parts guessing what the issue is. A hose leaking at a connection could be just a bad clamp. If you buy the hose the clamp may still be bad. An over heating radiator could be a bad water pump. Be careful with your diagnoses.

Check your costs

Once you have all the information gathered and are sure of the cause of the problem your next consideration should be cost. You will need to make a few calls to check the cost of a radiator repair and at the same time check the price for a new replacement radiator. You will need to find out what all your options are and check your radiator repair costs including parts, labor and any other fees.

What You Should ask:

  • What does the radiator repair cost?
  • What is the cost of labor to do this job?
  • What is the warranty on this service and does it include parts and labor?
  • What is the cost of a new replacement radiator?
  • What is the warranty on the new part?
  • What is the warranty on the labor for the new part?

Other Key considerations and Options

  • How long are you keeping this vehicle?
  • Is the vehicle worth the cost of a radiator repair or new radiator?
  • Can you do the labor yourself and save that cost?
  • Do you have the proper tools and know how to do this job right?
  • Should buying a lifetime warranty Radiator on line make sense if it starts to leak?
  • What if there is no radiator repair shop in your area, what do you do then?
  • Is the leak a clean puncture hole or a corrosion situation?

Make the decision, Radiator Repair Replacement

After getting all the above questions answered you will have a good idea if you need a radiator repair or new replacement radiator. Time may be a consideration in all this also. If you need your vehicle every day and can’t miss a day then that situation can influence your answer.

Add this all up and make the right decision for you. After taking all the steps you should be able to make the proper decision. Also be aware of corrosion leaks that might show failing metal. These situations are very hard to repair long term and while they may be patched they will come back and maybe at the wrong time.

Radiator Repair Replacement Radiator Follow up

We will be providing a follow up article that will talk about why you should or should not repair a radiator and why a replacement radiator could be your best bet or why it may not be a good idea.

We will also go over the common radiator leaks and problems on a copper and brass radiator core and what signs to look for and which problems are not worth fixing but only replacing.

We will then go over the aluminum radiators and touch base on what the common aluminum radiator leaks are and the steps you should and should not take to can repair or replace an aluminum radiator. Bottom line here is understanding the concept of radiator repair replacement.