Finding a Radiator Repair Shop in your Area

Finding a Real Radiator Repair shop

If you’re looking for a radiator repair shop you’re in luck. We have just the right suggestion to help you find a real radiator repair facility near you. There is a lot of confusion out there about radiator repair and when you try to find a repair shop most of what you will find is auto repair shops that don’t offer radiator repair at all. So what should you do? You have three options.

Radiator repair option #1   radiator repair shop

The first place to check is your local yellow pages. The key here is looking in more than just city or area. Make sure you check neighboring areas also. You should look under different listing and not just for radiator repair. Check under auto service or truck service, and if no luck there check under the welding listings. If you find listings saying that the repair facility offers  automotive radiator service you will then need to call and ask what kind of radiator service they offer. Do they have a test tank and do they solder and actually repair a leaking radiator? Can they weld a radiator?  Do they just add stop leak? Do they offer aluminum radiator repair and do they epoxy or repair a plastic radiator tank? Most auto repair shops that offer radiator service actually just send your radiator off to an actual radiator repair shop or just get you in the door and try to sell you a new radiator.  Most auto repair shops just service your cooling system, Providing a cooling system flush and changing antifreeze. Most of the time if your cooling system or radiator is leaking an auto repair shop will check your radiator hoses for leaks and check to see if you have a leaking water pump. If those items are ok and your radiator is leaking they will just offer you a brand new replacement radiator. They will charge you for the labor and any parts they sell you. If you have no luck finding an actual radiator repair shop in the yellow pages go to option #2.

Option #2 — LogUp to NARSA To Find a Local Radiator Repair Shop

If you’re looking for radiator repair NARSA is the place to go. NARSA is a global trade association dedicated to its members who repair, maintain, and design, heat exchangers such as radiators, condensers, oil coolers and charge air coolers. Since 1954 this organization has been supporting radiator repair shops and the industry throughout the United States and globally. NARSA stands for the National Automotive Radiator Service Association and today goes by The International Heat Transfer Association. Go online to and you will find a wealth of information that will help you with your cooling system problems. NARSA lists radiator shops and heavy-duty industrial radiator repair shops and truck radiator repair shops. If one of these repair shops is close to you then that is your best bet for getting a radiator leak repair. Radiator shops are harder to find because a lot of shops have closed down because of the availability of  new replacement radiators and EPA regulations. The problem with not having a repair option is that in many cases the new radiator can be very costly and a repair could save you a lot of money. If you have an older car or truck it may not be the best choice to spend hundreds of dollars on a new replacement radiator when a simple radiator repair will fix the leak. In may cases, if you have a small pinhole radiator leak, and an older vehicle, you can just use a little radiator stop leak hope that solves the problem. Stop leak can also be a good solution for a small heater core leak.


Check on-line within local communities that may not be in your local yellow pages. A real radiator repair shop that is not listed with NARSA might be right down the road. Not every radiator shop is a member of NARSA. You might get lucky and find a radiator shop in the next town or close enough to make it worth your while. Just don’t drive a long way with a leaking radiator. You don’t want to overheat your engine.

Remember, most auto repair shops do not offer radiator repair, just radiator service like  a cooling system flush or a new replacement radiator. Radiator repair shops are still out there but they are harder to find in the smaller cities. Check with NARSA and get the number of the local radiator repair shop near you. On the last note, always check prices, warranties and watch your gauges after any automotive service work is performed.

In a future article we will be going over the steps to purchasing a new replacement radiator. We will highlight some of the bigger suppliers out there and help you make the right choice when it comes to buying your replacement radiator.  That is only if you can not find a real radiator repair shop in your area.

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