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Wallace C Rawson

Wallace C Rawson

Our family has always been about Radiator Repair. That is why Radiatorrepair.com was developed by Wally, who is from a third generation Radiator family that was based in Chicago Illinois. Wally grew up in a radiator repair shop environment watching his father and grandfather fix radiators.  The family is one of the oldest cooling system families from Chicago and has specialized in radiator repair since the early 1940’s.

It all started with the purchase of S&H Radiator by my grandfather during WWII. This happened while my father, who is pictured here, was serving as a flight engineer during the war. S&H specialized in radiator repair, servicing both cars and trucks.

The family then decided in the late 60’s that they could better service the industry if they opened a manufacturing plant on the south side of Chicago. Thus, P&R manufacturing was born, and we started building thousands of radiator cores to supply the radiator repair market throughout the Midwest.

Wallace W Rawson then branched out and opened Rad*Tech Inc. in 1984. Rad*Tech was set up as a distribution center and repair shop in Lansing Illinois. Rad*Tech’s main focus was on warehousing, marketing, and nationwide distribution but also offered heavy duty truck and car radiator repair.

Rad*Tech provided repair service and new product sales for the Chicago Transit Authority, the Gary Indiana Department of Transportation, and a few railroads like the Chicago Short Line. We also serviced heavy duty construction companies, IH, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Volvo, Ford, Chevrolet and many others. We worked on muscle cars, race cars, antiques, farm tractors, custom built vehicles and thousands of retail customers throughout the United States.

My focus now is to provide cooling system information to the fleet owner and the retail consumer. Besides RadiatorRepair.com, I am also building TruckRaditators.com and TruckCondensers.com.

My goal is to provide information so that everyone can make better decisions when it comes to purchasing products and servicing vehicle cooling systems.


Sincerely, Wally



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