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Radiator Repair

Welcome to our radiator repair website, where we provide a consumers guide to automotive radiator repair for both cars and light duty trucks. Our goal is to help you understand how your cooling system works and the important role your radiator plays in dissipating the constant heat generated by your engine. We will share information about the various types of radiators used in today’s vehicles, and go over some of the most common reasons radiators fail. We will also provide information about the proper steps to take when you have a radiator leak and what you will need to consider when it is time to get your radiator repaired or replaced.

Also please note that my family has been in the automotive cooling system field for three generations and my hope here is to pass on some information about cooling systems and radiator repair that is both in depth and clear. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Below is a partial list of some of the information our site will cover in regards to potential radiator problems. We will also be presenting some options for dealing with these problems throughout the website :

  • Proper Cooling System Maintenance.
  • Informative Tips to Help Avoid Radiator Problems.
  • Radiator Repair Costs.
  • Aluminum Radiators.
  • Copper and Brass Radiator Problems.
  • Plastic Tank Radiators.
  • Radiator Leaks, Repair Costs, and Repair Kits.
  • Radiator Repair Shop Information.
  • Radiator Stop leak.
  • Radiator replacement costs.
  • Showcase Radiator Distributors and Manufactures. 

Radiator Maintenance

If you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations, a radiator can last for as long as you own the vehicle. Just make sure you change your antifreeze, check your cooling system at least once a year and do a visual system check during oil changes. Failure to care for your radiator can lead to a costly breakdown, a ride on a tow truck or even a blown engine. We will be going over basic maintenance steps you can take to help keep you out of the radiator repair shop.

Radiator Repair